Key Ranch Estates POA
Our Purpose

Community Center at 324 Lazy Cane Ranch Rd.
Key Ranch Estates Property Owners Association is a non-profit association organized pursuant to the Texas non-profit act, does not contemplate pecuniary gain or profit to the members thereof, and is organized for non-profit purposes.

Our Purpose

Our Purpose is to maintain and/or improve Key Ranch Estates property values.

Organization Objectives

To this end, each property owner shall pay annual dues to assist in maintaining our beautiful community. These dues are currently assessed at $35 per lot, paid by July 1st of each year. Failure to pay dues will result in additional fees and possible property liens.

A Board of Directors is elected to uphold and maintain our constitution, bylaws, building and deed restrictions. They are responsible for ensuring that our community remains a wonderful place to live on Cedar Creek Lake.

Our Mission

Under the scope of our association's by-laws, constitution and restrictions, we strive to provide support to the individual needs of the association members. We want to ensure good communication with all POA members so that everyone is informed about what is happening with your community. You are encouraged to contact any board member at any time with any questions, comments or concerns you have about the community.

If you do not have a current copy of our POA Constitution and Bylaws, last amended May 2009, or our Deed Restrictions, last amended February 1981, go to the View Maps and Documents link below where you can view, save or print any of these documents.

Click here to View POA Constitution - Bylaws - Deed Restrictions

Key Ranch Estates POA * 324 Lazy Cane Ranch Rd.* Trinidad * TX * 75163