Key Ranch Estates POA
President's Corner

Our community, Key Ranch Estates, depends solely on the volunteer participation of our members to move programs and projects forward for the benefit of all. Each year, property owners volunteer their time to serve on the Board of Directors of the Property Owners Association (POA). The POA manages the directives set forth in the bylaws and deed restrictions, which are to maintain and improve Key Ranch Estates. We partner with county officials, law enforcement and the fire department to keep our community safe and free of nuisance and debris. We interact with local officials and state legislators to protect the property rights of our members.

It takes approximately $22,000.00 per year to maintain the community with the two major expenditures being street lights and mowing. The income and expenditures are set out in the financials published in our quarterly newsletter aimed at keeping property owners informed about their community. The annual dues of $35.00 assessed for each lot has been in effect for several years and thus far meets the expense requirements, as long as everyone pays their dues.

Key Ranch Estates covers approximately 10 miles of roads. All lots are individually owned and almost all of the waterfront properties have been developed with dwellings. However, the development of houses on the interior lots is about ten percent. Therefore, the POA keeps vacant lots mowed to keep the snakes and rodent population down plus provide a well maintained community that enhances the value and desire of everyone's property. Some residents voluntarily mow and weed public areas or adjacent lots. The POA also pays for the street lights providing clear and safe travel at night.

Key Ranch Estates is on the west side of the lake, of course. Until recently we did not have a school or businesses nearby which would help attract home building on the interior lots. We now have a grade school, Poe Motors and Brookshire’s Grocery and many other needed businesses along Hwy 274. Hopefully, these conveniences may inspire home building on the interior lots.

One thing remains, as this community grows, our focus will continue to be improving Key Ranch Estates for the benefit of all property owners.

Mike Ferguson

Key Ranch Estates POA * 324 Lazy Cane Ranch Rd.* Trinidad * TX * 75163