Key Ranch Estates POA
General Information

You will find some general information below regarding many different topics relating to our community.

Building Permits

If you are going to do any construction on your lot, such as a carport, an addition to your home, a storage shed, garage, fencing or other similar projects, you need to be sure to get a permit from the Building and Restrictions committee BEFORE you begin construction.

    Current fees:
  • $200 for a new home
  • $50 for enclosed additions and attached garages
  • $25 for carports, decks and porches, detached garages and storage sheds.
  • Deed Restrictions Compliance for Fences.
Building Premit Request Form
Contact David McKee at

Street/Guard Lights

There are several Street/Guard Lights installed in various locations in Key Ranch. The POA pays TXU a fee per month for these lights. If you need to report an issue with a light, please contact Kim Yazell at 817-729-4192. Be sure to have the number posted on the pole, as well as the street reference, when you call so that we can get in touch with TXU about the light in question. NOTE: Only those lights that face the street are the responsibility of the POA. Those turned sideways to a particular residence are the responsibility of that resident. Also, TXU is no longer installing new security lights for anyone in Texas. So if you are wanting a security light on your property you will have to purchase and install a light yourself.

Community Center

The Community Center is available FREE for members in good standing to use for any occasion, such as a business meeting, wedding or baby shower, family reunion, or wedding. If you are going to use the center for a money-making activity, such as a garage sale, there will be a $10 per day charge. This nominal fee will assist in paying for the added utility bills incurred through use. All other use is FREE, but donations toward utilities are always welcome! A $100 deposit is required at the time you reserve the building for any use. This will be refunded to you if you clean up the building when you are through using it and return anything you borrowed, including the key. To check availability or book a date to use the center.
contact Jeanette Sabel at


There are 35 streets in Key Ranch Estates. If you need help or wish to report a problem with your street, please
contact John Stubbs at 469-337-6174.

Parks & Ramps

Key Ranch Estates was planned and developed with 21 private parks located [see maps] throughout the three sections of the estates. They are only accessible to adjacent lots or via right-of-ways for interior lots to provide access to Cedar Creek Lake. Of the 21 parks 17 have boat ramps and 4 have picnic canopies. Only park one has street access for members only, all other have no access from any public street. A few of the parks are mowed during the year when we mow the vacant lots, but most are taken care of by POA members.
contact Marcella McKinney at 903-778-2020

Dues and Other fees

Payment of dues in Key Ranch Estates is mandatory!

Currently, dues are $50 per year, per lot.

There is a $50 transfer fee for each sale.

The term for dues runs from May 1 through April 30.

Failure to pay dues will result in a lien being placed on your property for the unpaid dues, as well as additional fees for filing and a penalty for non-payment.
Contact Sue High at 903-778-4668 if you have questions.

Bulky Trash

Please keep our parks and undeveloped lots clean and free from trash! Dumping is not permitted!

If you have trash you need to dispose of, such as tree debris, old furniture, appliances, building site debris, or other bulky trash of this nature, you can take that trash to the Regional Landfill in Corsicana for a small fee per pickup truck. There is a Dump and Recycling Center behind the Lindy Mall in Malakoff where you can take bulky items, again for a small fee, This site also provides recycling of glass, plastic, paper etc for free. There is also a dump site off of 175, between Eustace and Athens. They also charge a small fee.

Things like batteries can be taken to any auto parts store for disposal, such as Auto Zone, O'Reilly's or Wal-Mart in Gun Barrel City. Likewise, old tires can be taken to any tire store for disposal.

Please help keep our community parks and lots free from trash. Not only is it unsightly, but it can be dangerous, and it is a violation of our deed restrictions.

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