Key Ranch Estates POA
Important Numbers

Important phone numbers for our area:
Fire Emergency & Police 9-1-1
Volunteer Fire Department 903-778-2141
Sheriff's Department 903-675-5128
Constable 903-286-0964
Game Warden 903-677-6397
City Hall 903-778-2525

If you wish to report a violation that involves dumping, fire, health or safety issues contact: Fire Marshal's office at 903-675-6157 and report the offense to the Public Nuisance Office.
Click here to report a public nuisance offense using the county's online complaint form:

Feel Free to Contact any of the Board Members as Follows:
President Mike Ferguson 903-778-2184
Vice President Kim Yazell 817-729-4192
Secretary / Treasurer Sue High 903-778-4668
Bldg. Permits & Deed Restrictions David McKee 903-229-0090
Community Center & Event Planning
Grounds & Bldg Maintenance
Susie Trice
Marvin Newton
Guard / Street Lights Kim Yazell 817-729-4192
Mowing Marvin Newton 361-727-7506
Parks and Ramps Marcella McKinney 903-778-2020
Streets John Stubbs 469-337-6174
Communications & Systems Sue High 903-778-4668
Crime Watch Program Mike Coffman 903-340-0161

Key Ranch Estates POA * 324 Lazy Cane Ranch Rd.* Trinidad * TX * 75163